Cannabis creams : why CBD in marijuana is the hot ingredient

Cannabis creams

Cannabis creams : It is a fashionable ingredient in the USA. And it’s about to cause the same fury here. We reveal the keys to its active star, CBD, and the reasons why you should include it in your care routine.


In recent years, marijuana has managed to leave hippie territory to settle in that of cosmetic trends. And the engine of this transformation must be sought, of course, in the United States. There, supporters of the therapeutic use of its non-psychotropic assets are managing to convert cannabis (one more botanical ingredient, as beneficial, yes, as rosehip oil or shea butter) is the coolest star of beauty this season. And although it may be curious that marijuana is used for more than just getting high (it is prohibited in 42 of its states; in our country traffic is penalized but not self-consumption), are the Cannabis creams or CBD creams just a fad?


CBD: Take note of these acronyms because they are the new magic word in beauty. They come from the contraction of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component present in hemp and marijuana, two sister plants with the same name (cannabis Sativa), and a clear difference: the second enters the world of psychotropic drugs while the first, without Those effects, are used in the textile industry. CBD has become fashionable in the US As an alternative therapy due to its relaxing and analgesic properties. But, in its application to dermatology, what matters are its anti-inflammatory benefits, backed by serious scientific studies that have shown its ability to give reactive, acne, and highly dehydrated skin solutions. CBD TINCTURES


The scientific key

That CBD is a cannabinoid means that it has the ability to directly connect with two neurotransmitters that play an essential role in communicating inflammation and pain to the brain. For this reason, treatments are being developed with this active ingredient to cure skin problems with an inflammatory process and an autoimmune component, such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Dank vapes for sale


The best? That in addition to being very effective in this field CBD creams are also being effective in acne because it balances sebum production while calming inflammation. And its huge amount of antioxidants (capable of preventing oxidative damage to the skin much more effectively than vitamin C ) augurs a great future for the prevention of skin aging.


So the beauty of cannabis is going to land in a big way in Spain soon, with the arrival in Sephora of the first natural and vegan firm formulated with the best that this plant has to offer, the French Ko Haran. His alma mater, Breton Laure Bouguen, explains that they do not only focus on CBD because “in this plant, but there are also up to a hundred very effective molecules to improve the skin, from cannabinoids to terpenes, without leaving us vitamins and essential fatty acids”. His big bet, the Narcotic Oil, will arrive in the summer. It will coincide with the launch of Hello, Calm by Origins face mask (also at Sephora), and Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate for acne-prone skin. Buy CBD creams Online.


That does not mean that the cannabis in creams is alien to us. Unlike. The Body Shop, always ahead of its time, has spent years selling a range of Hemp, called Hemp, and based on fair trade, whose Hand Cream is a best seller in Spain. And the Valencian laboratories Babaria has a very interesting line formulated with cannabis Sativa seed oil that includes face, body, hand cream, face mask, bath gel, and deodorant.

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