Health Literacy Is for the Healthy

“Health Literacy” is the ability to read, understand and act upon health information. And, more than half of the American population is not proficient on this topic. Busana Muslim Unfortunately, the above definition is the point after which most head into the wrong direction. Unless a significant misnomer, by definition, the focus of health literacy should be two-fold, enhancement of functional literacy (period) and increased attention to the issues of health.

The general public reads very little non-commercial, health-related materials, the content being very challenging. Additionally, people consume too much sugar, consume alcohol and excesses of red meats, processed grains,

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Using Social Media Marketing to Advance Your Business

Posts all over the wall- ‘Social media is here to stay and will be a contributing factor in everything we do’. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have always been a common thread for friends and family to stay together. Corporate companies are quickly realizing the impact social media has on the general public. In fact, most companies run social campaigns in parallel with their conventional marketing strategies.

Even before the product launches, videos are uploaded via YouTube, images and fan pages are created via Facebook, and updates are posted via Twitter. Strategi marketing online saat ini di media sosial, bagaimana … Read More

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