CBD Creams: Information, Studies, and Therapeutic Uses

The cannabidiol, one of the most important compounds of the plant Cannabis sativa and has numerous therapeutic effects it is here to stay. It is not for less, as its properties make this substance one of the best medicines for our body. And it also explains why there are more and more CBD foods, oils, supplements, or creams available to us.

Although each of these products has specific characteristics (which make them more or less appropriate to treat different pathologies), in this post, we are going to focus on creams made with CBD.

So, you will know what they are, what they are for, and how to use them to improve your health and quality of life.

What are CBD creams and ointments?

Answering this question is quite simple: CBD creams and ointments are those cosmetic and dermatological products that contain cannabidiol in their composition, either in the form of an oil or an extract.

However, we can go a few more in this definition and talk in more detail about what differentiates these creams from other products that we can find on the shelves of any supermarket. Especially if we take into account that at first glance, they will seem like just another cosmetic

In fact, as with other products designed for topical application, in general, we can divide CBD creams into three groups based on their consistency:

Body lotions: they are the most similar to the creams that we usually apply to the skin. However, it is true that they often have a somewhat denser consistency than the lotions we find in the supermarket. In addition, and as with these products, CBD creams can include other compounds to provide us with better hydration and better nourish our skin. For example, seed oils, vitamin E, aloe vera, etc.

Balms: In this category, we would include products that are halfway between creams and CBD oils. But unlike body lotions, these balms have a more liquid consistency and are often mixed with essential oils.

Oils: as the name suggests, the texture of these products is liquid (or, rather, oily), which makes it the favorite product of many and the most hated of many others. Also, as with CBD creams, they often incorporate other essential oils and vitamins. And these oils generally take longer to fully absorb into the skin.

On the other hand, although these three large groups exist, within each of them, we find more subdivisions. For example, it is common to see lines of CBD creams and ointments designed for athletes and to treat muscle discomfort while others focus more on the aesthetic factor for the improvement and firmness of the skin.


Finally, and despite the fact that cannabidiol is a substance that is theoretically worse absorbed by the skin due to its lipophilic properties, the composition of CBD creams and ointments makes its topical application also effective from a therapeutic point of view. Especially in cases of diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, or eczema, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

What are CBD creams used for?

Continuing with these products, one of the doubts that often arises is about their use, which goes far beyond a simple skin moisturizer.

In that sense, and despite the fact that CBD creams can also help us to improve the appearance of our skin, their use is mainly therapeutic and not so much aesthetic. Therefore, we must choose the option that best suits us.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a general recommendation for everyone, since treating a muscle contracture or pain will not be the same as treating a skin rash or atopic dermatitis. However, both its use and its application do not pose a problem and make these creams very useful to incorporate into our daily routine.

In addition, as with any other cosmetic or supplement that we take, many times we will have to try the different options that we find in the market until we find the one that best suits our needs. One of the main things why it is important to have the advice and supervision of a professional who knows how to give us the necessary instructions.

Finally, and despite the fact that we know that the topical use of Cannabis sativa dates back to ancient populations, such as the Egyptian or Chinese, to this day, it is still necessary to continue researching more about how it can improve the conditions of the skin and muscle or bone pain when applied directly to the skin.

Benefits of using CBD creams

However, one thing is clear: there is more and more evidence that the benefits associated with cannabidiol (anti-inflammatory; calming; effective against pain; or antipsychotic, among others) can also be obtained transdermally.

In fact, the different compounds that we often find in CBD creams and ointments favor their better absorption by the skin. What, together with the characteristics of this organ (the largest in our body), make it especially interesting from a dermatological point of view.

In addition, its effect is local, and although cannabidiol is absorbed through the skin, it does not reach our blood and, therefore, does not reach the central nervous system. If we add to that that CBD does not have a psychotropic or psychoactive effect (unlike THC, another of the most important compounds in cannabis) and that its application is limited to a specific area or areas of our body, these products are shown as a very interesting option for those who are taking other types of treatments simultaneously. Even if those treatments are cannabidiol based too.

Remember that cannabinoids have very low toxicity for our body, which means that there are hardly any side effects (unlike what happens with most drugs) or that they are very mild and do not pose a risk to us.


But the fact that CBD-based products such as creams and ointments do not have serious side effects in principle does not mean that they have no contraindications. As we have already mentioned, cannabinoids have a therapeutic use and, therefore, their use must be supervised by a professional.

In this sense, during pregnancy and lactation, in childhood and adolescence, as well as in the elderly, it is advisable to take special precautions before applying any of these creams.

Although we have already mentioned that CBD does not seem to reach the bloodstream, these life stages have special characteristics. Among them, a greater vulnerability to any external agent. Therefore, it will be necessary to consult its use with a doctor or therapist.

How to apply CBD creams

After the above, now we cannot stop dedicating a few words about how to apply these creams to maximize their benefits.

Earlier, we mentioned that there were three main types of CBD creams and ointments (lotions, balms, and oils). And we have also discussed the different textures that each of them has. Therefore, depending on the product we have, the amount that we apply to our skin will change, being less in the case of oils and greater in the case of lotions.

In addition, it is advisable to give a small massage in the area that we want to treat to improve the absorption of the product. Likewise, we must remember that its use is local, so we will not have to apply a large amount of cream all over the body, but simply in the areas where we have discomfort or the condition we want to treat.

And, if we have any doubts, it is best to read the dosage indicated by the manufacturer or follow the instructions given by the specialist.


Other components that CBD creams can contain

Finally, a question that also often arises about CBD creams is related to the additional components that we can find in them.

In general, these ingredients serve to improve the composition of the product, making it more nutritious and effective. However, if we are especially interested in knowing if the CBD cream or ointment that we are using has a specific compound, it is best to look at the list of ingredients of it.

In this way, we will know if that is the product we need or if, on the contrary, we should look for another brand, especially in cases where there is some type of allergy or contraindication that prevents the use of a certain compound.

CBD creams are much more than a cosmetic. Have you already tried any?

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