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How to buy CBD oil in Australia legally in 2020?

Cannabis and the treatment of epilepsy

How to buy CBD oil in Australia legally in 2020?


In the last several years, the Australian government has done everything in their power to legalize and streamline CBD use and sale.

Although products such as CBD oil are legal in Australia, it doesn’t mean that anyone can get ahold of them.

The procedure is quite strict, and the government makes sure that only those with a real need can buy CBD oil from Krush Organics – an online store that sells high quality CBD products in Australia.

If you wish to use CBD oil, there are two main methods to get it.

The first is by getting a prescription from your GP or from a clinic specialized in medical marijuana. The second one is a bit controversial, and it involves over-the-counter purchase without a valid prescription. Buy cannabis oil online


How to get CBD oil legally?


            Of course, most patients will try to get their CBD oil legally. However, the government is quite restrictive forcing patients to go through numerous legal hoops before they can get their hands on medical marijuana.

According to the Australian law, you can get CBD oil via Special Access Scheme. You can do this in two different ways with the first method being through your doctor. There are several things you need to do before your GP gives you a CBD prescription:


  • First, a doctor has to determine whether or not your specific medical condition can be treated with CBD oil
  • After that, a doctor will check your medical history. If all other treatments haven’t yield results, he will consider giving you CBD therapy
  • Of course, a patient has to be proactive during the process. You need to ask the doctor yourself for a prescription


Initially, most GPs working in Australia had limited knowledge of medical cannabis and CBD oil, in particular. However, after a few years, they have become more savvy and they can provide a valid advice regarding your medical condition and potential cannabis therapy.

Your second option is to go to a specialist clinic and get a prescription from them. Keep in mind there’re is a limited list of Australian clinics that deal with CBD oil. In this case, the procedure is very similar to the one with your GP. These specialized clinics are in no way financed by the Australian government, so you can expect a fair treatment and decision.


How to get CBD oil online?


You can also try and get CBD oil online, without having a proper cannabis prescription. Needless to say, this is a bit riskier method. However, the governmental institutions in Australia are willing to overlook the people who get CBD through various web stores. It is a silent agreement that the government has with its citizens.

Buying CBD oil online is a much quicker method. You don’t need to go through all these legal hoops in order to get the drug you need. Most CBD marketing companies claim that this is also much more lucrative for everyone; instead of investing a lot of time for checking and approving all these patients, you can simply send CBD oil to their home address.

Unfortunately, this method does have its drawbacks.

Given that CBD items are a relatively new thing on the global market, the majority of consumers have limited information as how to use them. If you don’t go through your GP, you won’t know if your condition is treatable with medical marijuana. Finding the right dosage is another major issue. To make things even worse, a lot of cannabis companies do a poor job labeling their items.

If you do decide to buy CBD oil online, on your own accord, here are some of the things you need to consider beforehand:


  • A lot of marijuana companies are providing false claims regarding products’ efficiency, ingredients, and quality. Make sure to buy only from reputable cannabis stores
  • Although you might not encounter any legal issues the first time, you are still responsible for buying cannabis without a prescription and you might get caught during one of your future purchases
  • By purchasing cannabis online, you might actually hinder the legalization process. Why is that? Well, when you buy medical marijuana on your own accord, the government is unable to track your particular case, as well as potential side effects that might’ve encountered
  • If you’re buying from a foreign company, there is a good chance that your product will get confiscated


We always recommend that you buy medical marijuana from one of numerous reputable Australian CBD oil stores. This way, not only do you support the local economy, buy you’re also reducing the chances of getting caught.

Make sure to check online reviews before you make any purchase. There are certain stores that sell medical marijuana to customers even though these marijuana products have no CBD whatsoever. Given that the market is still largely unregulated, this is something we will have to deal for the next few years. Cannabis for sale


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