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when the news was heard that the federal government hoped to have legalization of marijuana in force for Canada Day 2018, some in Okanagan probably had visions of celebrating the country’s birthday by buying recently legal cannabis.
That was not how it worked, and governments at all levels had a hand in the delay.
Now, a year later than expected, the first legal cannabis store in Okanagan opened its doors on Canada Day 2019.
Co-owner Sarah Ballantyne is happy that her SpiritLeaf location on 53 Avenue at the north end of Vernon is working. weed for sale|marijuana for sale .This was a huge move since it has made the sales of weed online or buying medical marijuana online easy.People suffering from cancer,MS,and other ills can now order weed or marijuana online cheap and can also buy weed in dispensaries near them.You can buy weed online without a medical marijuana license.

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