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Philips statements echo the interests of First Nations officials and community leaders who are also interested in ensuring safe access to legal cannabis. And AGCO is moving toward that goal with a separate licensing process for First Nations communities that want to open retail marijuana businesses.
The AGCO will grant retail permits for First Nations applicants in order of arrival and will begin accepting applications on July 31 at 9:00 a.m. Before participating in the licensing process, First Nations applicants must first obtain the approval of the First Nations Band Council to operate a store on their reservation. Detailed application instructions are available on the AGCO website.
The first nations of Ontario fight for cannabis sovereignty weed for sale
As Canada’s public and private recreational marijuana markets have flourished after the historic national legalization last October, First Nations communities have struggled to enter the industry on equal terms. Simultaneously, cannabis is a controversial issue within First Nations communities, and some choose not to participate in the legal sector, and others move to adopt it, on their terms.and pinballs For many First Nations communities, cannabis is a matter of sovereignty and self-determination, of the economic and cultural right to control production. ragdolls
For its part, the Government of Ontario said it is working to engage with First Nations interested in developing its approaches to cannabis, and in identifying how the government can better support the efforts of First Nations communities to promote security. Free and legal access to cannabis.


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