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The Difference Between CBD and THC

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) provides psychoactive effects responsible for the high that comes from consuming cannabis. Over the last couple of years, CBD (cannabidiol) has spiked due to its numerous wellbeing benefits and lack of side effects. If you consider CBD vs. THC for different medical issues, it’s essential to understand the difference between the two.

CBD and THC differences are very noteworthy, particularly because both compounds originate from the same plant. CBD and THC are different from each other based on their functionality within the body, side effects, health benefits and more. A better understanding of how both compounds work can help you in the treatment of different ailments.

CBD vs. THC: The Differences

When examining CBD vs. THC, it’s easy to spot their differences. Despite both compounds originating from the same plant, their differences are based on different parameters including;

How They Work

THC easily interacts with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, which allows for treatment of different symptoms. CBD also interacts with these two receptors but in a less effective way than THC. CBD’s primary function is to increase the total number of endocannabinoids found in the body, which help with pain, stress, and anxiety.

Bodily effects

CBD and THC also have differences in terms of their effects. Despite CBD and THC both originating from the cannabis plant, they have different effects on the body. Both compounds can offer relief for stress and pain, but THC is known for its powerful euphoric high. CBD interacts with various receptors in contrast to THC, and this leads to different effects offered by both compounds.

Presence in the blood

One of the main drawbacks of using cannabis is its ability to make you fail a drug test. Drug screening tests are highly sensitive to THC, so consuming high THC products will likely lead to a failed drug test.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t lead to a failed drug test. CBD oil contains small amounts of THC, which are not significant in drug screening. However, CBD oil with high THC levels could lead to a failed drug test.

THC vs. CBD: Medical benefits

CBD and THC also have differences in their medicinal effects. Specific ailments respond well with CBD, while other illnesses need THC.

Anxiety; Although THC can reduce anxiety symptoms, it tends to leave several side effects and sometimes worsens the symptoms. CBD can balance the effects of THC and quickly reduce anxiety without causing any side effects. Therefore, most individuals are now switching to CBD for anxiety.

Glaucoma; THC can be a great alternative to traditional glaucoma medications because its good at lowering intraocular pressure. However, individuals allergic prefer regular glaucoma medications because it doesn’t result in a high effect. The pain-relieving properties of THC still give it an advantage over conventional glaucoma medications.

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Bottom line

If you have a clear understanding between CBD and THC, it can increase your chances of receiving better relief from severe ailments or positively benefiting from the cannabis plant as a whole.

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